Are There Actually Things I Have To Know About Hoodia Diet Chewing Gum Products?

A question and answer format can be used to outline the main points and the differences between using the Hoodia Gum and traditional supplements.

Are all Hoodia chewing gum products on the market equally effective?

Absolutely NOT. This requires some explaining…..Some Hoodia chewing gum brands do not contain enough Hoodia to really be effective. Some of the chicklet type brands on the market right now contain insignificant amounts low potency concentrate. They are just not comparable to the better brands that contain more significant and robust amounts, of high potency concentrate as far as PERFORMANCE.

How should Hoodia Gordonii diet chewing gum be used?

Good quality Hoodia Gum is very effective and can it can be used at the first sign of hunger between meals to ward off the temptation to snack, by chewing just one piece, as it works immediately to stop hunger pangs.

It can also use it to decrease your overall food consumption by chewing a piece while preparing meals, as this will cause the user to eat significantly less during the meal. Drinking a full glass of water will be additive.

It is also VERY helpful AFTER meals. Chew a piece or two to deter you from taking that “second serving”. It effectively and immediately turns off the desire to continue eating.

It can be used to it to ward off “boredom” eating because it really is quite fun to use. Even “emotional eating” can be addressed with the gum as according to Wrigley’s researcher’s studies , chewing gum has the potential to lower stress.

High quality brands of Hoodia chewing gum contains a high potency concentrate in amounts adequate to work on the hypothalamus to produce a feeling of fullness. And because the active ingredient in Hoodia Gordonii, can reach the bloodstream so quickly and completely, as a result of “chewing” the gum, hunger pangs, cravings and urges to snack are quelled instantaneously.

Remember, this idea of chewing the Hoodia Gordonii is NOT new. This is exactly the way the San Tribe have used Hoodia Gordonii for centuries to stop hunger on long hunting trips.

A recent study found that chewing gum prior to eating a snack both cuts calories and significantly reduces hunger later in the day (compared to not chewing gum prior to eating a snack.) Marion Hetherington and Emma Boyland, the University of Liverpool researchers leading the study, concluded that, “Chewing gum could be a useful tool to suppress appetite and reduce food intake as part of a strategy for weight management.”

Recent obesity studies have uncovered that mice under “stress” accumulate more body fat on the exact same diet as those not under stress, because of the production of stress hormones like cortisol. . It has already been determined that chewing gum can reduce stress..therefore it may actually help to prevent from packing on the pounds in the first place.

Hoodia Gordonii is very bitter (in fact Hoodia tastes terrible). Many people are hesitant to try these really helpful diet aids because of this known fact. Months in the lab perfecting the flavor and texture have been spent on the better brands. Whether you prefer a breath-freshener or something to satisfy your sweet tooth, the better brands have it all, they deliver a cool blast of fresh Spearmint flavor that lasts and lasts and are sugar free no calorie snacks.

What do you need to know about buying these Hoodia Gordonii chewing gum products that is different than traditional Hoodia Gordonii supplements? Gum making requires high temperatures to be used as encapsulation or tableting does not. Special care needs to be taken when adding the active ingredient to chewing gum to avoid ruining the active.

Aside from that, the same rules apply to these new Hoodia chewing gum products as do the supplements … Check for authentic South African Hoodia content and look for independent third party analysis to be assured of the presence of the all important “P57” compound.

Always look for a BATCH SPECIFIC CITES and Alkemists lab test results (or other independent lab results) for the Hoodia was used in the product that you are buying…to be sure that you have not been a victim of “bait and switch” Hoodia marketing tactics. [] for more on great Hoodia Chewing Gum Products.