Some Easy Tips for Quick Chewing Gum Removal

Gum removal has been a major task for the cleaning workers of public places and large buildings such as shopping malls and school buildings. A number of people, especially young people, still chew gum on a daily basis. This in itself is not much harmful. The problem starts when they spit the gum pieces out. Most of the people spit the chewing gum residue wherever they feel like. They normally do not consider the cleanliness or hygiene of the place.

The result is pretty imaginable. At the end of each day, shopping malls and passages of educational institution buildings are dotted by chewing gum pieces. These have to be removed. Otherwise, not just the appearance of the place will be spoiled, but serious health problems might result too.

This article provides some tips for quick and efficient gum removal.

Type of Machine
Which is the best gum remover machine – pressure washers, carpet cleaners, or steam cleaners? No contest here. One can say without any doubt that steam cleaning machines are the most suitable machines for gum removal. The very method of working of these machines is tailor-made for removing chewing gum.

Floor steam cleaners work by ejecting a high temperature output onto hard surfaces. The output temperature of modern machines ranges up to 386°F, depending upon the model. This high temperature output melts or dissolves the dirt and impurities present on the surface.

Floor steam cleaners are ideal for chewing gum cleaning due to the high temperature output of the machines that melts the chewing gum piece. The molten gum pieces can be extracted easily. It must be noted that not just any steam cleaning machines will not provide desired results when it comes to gum removal. The following are some guidelines to choose the best machines for the task.

Attached Vacuum
Conventional steam cleaning machines do not have any extraction mechanism. These machines just melt the gum residue and other kinds of dirt and stains present on the surface. The extraction has to be done manually – using either a brush or a towel. Needless to say, the process was laborious and time-consuming,

Modern floor steam cleaners specially made for chewing gum removing are equipped with an attached vacuum. The vacuum extracts the molten gum residue created by the machine. There is no need to employ manual methods such as wiping with a towel or cleaning with a brush. The gum pieces are dissolved and extracted simultaneously.

Antibacterial Technology
One of the useful features of commercial steam cleaners is that these machines can clean a surface as well as sanitize it. The high temperature of these machines along with anti-bacterial technology ensures good hygiene and sanitization. In addition, some modern steam cleaning machines are equipped with specialized antimicrobial technology. Such machines would make excellent chewing gum removal machines.

Some commercial steam cleaners with the latest anti-bacterial technology can eliminate more than 99 percent of commonly occurring harmful microorganisms. These machines can get rid of E. coli, Listeria, and other similar disease-causing microorganisms. These are ideal for gum removal as harmful microorganisms might reside in decayed chewing gum pieces.