The Hidden Truth About Chewing Gum

Everyday when walking a long the streets you will notice everyone chewing gum. People do this for different reasons and purposes, but did you know chewing has many unknown advantages to human beings?

For those always struggling to lose weight then try chewing gum. It helps in controlling your appetite and reducing cravings for snacks with high calories. Research by scientists indicates that it can help burn at least 11 calories per hour. Another research conducted from the University of Rhode Island indicated that people with a habit of gum chewing would consume 68 fewer calories at lunch and would not want to eat more food later that day.

It also helps greatly in improving your memory. Chewing alone helps in good circulation of blood in your brain by producing more oxygen and glucose and disposal of CO2. Recent research indicates that chewing gum, as matter of fact should be allowed in schools because a part from good memory, it makes one become more alert. It indicates that the gum-chewing students have better academic performance compared to those who do not chew. The research done at the Baylor College of Medicine conducted an experiment with 108 math students and realized that those students who while doing their math tests had a 3 percent increase in their academic results.

It is also amazing that dentists today prescribe some packets of gums to their patients. This is because chewing is very important in oral heath and for your teeth. Research shows that chewing sugar-free gum increases saliva that helps to get rid of sugar, food debris and acids that cause tooth decay. It leaves your mouth fresh all the time and whitens your teeth by reducing accumulating stains.

It also reduces symptoms of stress. The rhythmic motion keeps you from thinking a lot hence having a stress reducing effect on you. Psychiatrists and psychologists believe that chewing gum plays a great role in reducing tension and releasing nervous energy. It can easily help reduce frustration, anxiety and irritation. Some students are always advised to chew gum prior to sitting for their exams. It makes them stay calm and concentrate on their tests.

Other amazing benefits are that it takes away sleepiness and prevents you from crying when peeling onions. How amazing!

Here are some interesting facts about chewing. A person can chew 300 sticks of gum every year and that humans are the only animals on the planet that chew gum.

Did you also know that gum chewing in Singapore is highly regulated and you only have to purchase therapeutic dental gums from the dentist or doctor? Majority of population who enjoy it go to the neighboring countries to where it is legal and tourists are only allowed to bring a maximum of two packs per person any more than that, you are charged with gum smuggling.